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 An avid comic book fan since the first time she read "Stan Lee's Soapbox," Allison Hambrick is an Atlanta-based journalist and screenwriter. In 2020, she graduated with a BFA in Writing with a minor in dramatic writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design. While in college, she wrote for both the SCAD Connector and Her Campus. Moreover, her work has appeared in several publications, including Comic Book Resources and Curiosity Shots. Recently, Allison served as a staff writer at Outsider, where her articles centered primarily around entertainment journalism.

In addition to writing, Allison has experience in the film industry. Through her coursework at SCAD, she became well-versed in all stages of film production, and she even directed several short films. After graduating, Allison also worked as a production assistant for Warner Bros. Entertainment on the second season of "Stargirl."

Through her writing, she hopes to inspire, to entertain, and to empower others to be the best versions of themselves, and her mission in life is to make Stan proud. Her interests outside the realm of writing include binge watching, playing video games, and drinking too much tea. She may or may not still be waiting for her Hogwarts letter to arrive in the mail.

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